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United Healthcare (UHC) offers individual health insurance policies at a premium price; however, these plans frequently include extra benefits and access to wellness programmes. Additionally, a lot of customers have given UHC high marks because of its helpful customer service team and smartphone app that offers in-depth health analysis. In terms of total policyholders, UHC is the largest health insurance provider. The provider's broad range of products, which include those for mental health, dental, vision, and handicap, serve as an illustration of this.

United healthcare mental

In all 50 states and 130 countries, UnitedHealth Group (commonly known as UHC) provides healthcare coverage through its two firms, UnitedHealthcare and Optum[1]. Over 28 million Americans have access to healthcare insurance thanks to UnitedHealthcare. With the advancements in healthcare and technology since 1974, UnitedHealth Group has expanded and changed. Healthcare insurance and benefit services are offered by UnitedHealthcare. Health services supported by information and technology are provided by Optum.

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